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Looking Beyond

“The only things worth seeing are beyond what you can actually see.”

Joseph Brown

At Silveroak Films & Entertainment, we believe that no company can survive with a myopic vision of the future. Team work by a group of qualified professionals is the key to our success.

We value our relationships with our clients. Being responsive and reliable, harboring true and sincere communication with our clients will be our important contribution.


Documentary festival at Aurangabad

A film often initiates a movement, welcoming progressive thoughts by demystifying unscientific myths and superstitions, evil social practices in different spheres, and holding high the mantle of truth and realism through exposition of varied themes — Documentary films, as it is commonly referred.

Silveroak Films & Entertainment is contemplating a Documentary film festival in Aurangabad, in the near future, to encourage young aspiring Short & documentary filmmakers.

Wanderlust Wheels

movie on wheels…

Silveroak Films & Entertainment is gearing up with a vision to hold ‘Film-Fairs’ in villages with the sole aim of spreading enlightenment through healthy entertainment in Marathi language, at remote corners of the state of Maharashtra.

The Thought shop

Aspiring over inspiring ideas

Silveroak Films & Entertainment has a special platform for funding short films of duration not exceeding 12 minutes, on the basis of promising ideas and the potentiality in the script. It has already extended its support and resource facilities to various projects which have won various awards and accolades.

A movie is almost like a question and only when you create it, you seem to get the answer

Francis Ford Coppola


(Short Film)

Patang  is the story of a little girl who sinks into deep depression after her kite’s manja (abrasive thread), becomes the cause of death of a pedestrian. A story that educates the public about the ills of flying kites using abrasive threads, in the streets.

Awards & Honors –

  • Best narrative film in Kolkata short film festival.
  • Officially selected in Global network film festival UK.

& Many More….


“The River, The Road and the hoodwinked toad”

(Bengali Film)

A series of interconnected dreams and ambitions amid a crisis where one comes at the cost of the other.


...A few more Films & Short Films